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In the light of society’s need to acquire the tools that lead to the attainment of competitiveness, UR is committed to offer the community in general, and especially to the middle classes, a high-quality education at reasonable prices, utilizing in its educational systems and processes state-of-the-art technology to train the students in the exercise of their respective professions. Likewise, UR maintains a broad interaction with the business sectors through various programs such as the Development of on-site Working Competitiveness, its distinguished professors and the Consulting Councils for each specific field of endeavors. All of these reasons make UR an educational option that is necessary to support the social and economic development of the North East region of Mexico.

Thanks to its Financial Support programs, which include different scholarship options, UR makes available to economically underprivileged, yet academically better-than-average, students higher education that meets international standards.

UR has been certified and its programs accredited by Bona Fide Mexican Private and Official Institutions. Additionally, its Virtual Courses have been approved by GATE (Global Alliance for Transnational Education). Likewise, its various schools are in the process of being certified by specialized Councils of higher learning.


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